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GUTKOWSKI Company was established in 1994 by Dr Jan Gutkowski.
Initially the company mainly dealt with the distribution of cold water pumps and heat pumps. In 1995 the company broaden its line of business by selling and installing complete pump units used in high residential buildings. GUTKOWSKI Company carried out the first modernisation of a water treatment plant (WTP) for the Lubin commune in Siedlce. Very good results of water treating were achieved and this enabled the company to gradually take over the market of providing services for such installations.
Nowadays water treatment plants are the main business of the company – over 100 systems have been installed so far; from a small output of 10 m3/h to an output of 2400 m3/h. We have installed the first swimming pool water treatment system for the Maritime University of Szczecin in 2003. In 2004 and 2006 the company carried out respectively: the modernisation of the swimming pool water treatment technology in the sports complex in Zielona Góra and the system of swimming pool water treatment for “Korona” Sports Club in Cracow. The swimming pool and fountain department of the company has been growing intensively since 2007. The result is that we have carried out the alteration of the swimming pool in Wrocław and the construction of the swimming pool in Lubin.
A rapid growth and search for methods of implementing new technological solutions caused the broadening of the business of the company with fountain building. Currently the company leads the field of fountain designing and building in Poland. We have constructed and installed over 20 fountains in Poland and abroad, including the first in the world multimedia water complex next to Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall) in Wrocław. The biggest musical fountain in Poland and one of the biggest in the world was put into use in 2009. Currently we are carrying out the project of building a fountain in Park Szczytnicki in Wrocław. The business of the company includes sprinklers and irrigating systems which are mainly installed in nursery-gardens which are managed by Lasy Państwowe (State Forests National Forest Holding); the business of the company also includes all kinds of water pumping stations (e.g. in Opoczno, Białystok) and sewage pumping stations (Kwidzyń, Olsztyn, Wrocław).

We have been working for you for 16 years now. It enabled us to gather the experience which is necessary for becoming the leading company of the Polish water industry. We started our business with pump distribution, but over the course of time we have broadened our offer to provide you with an extensive and professional list of services. That is the reason why we also specialize in:

  • water treatment technology,
  • designing and construction of water treatment plants,
  • construction of fountains and swimming pools.

We meet the requirements of small and huge investments. We can proudly say that we have conducted the undertakings which were publicized in Poland, for example the multimedia fountain at Hala Ludowa in Wrocław. It was possible thanks to a team of several dozens of specialists and subcontractors who has been cooperating with us for years. We guarantee the top quality thanks to cooperation with the biggest in the world distributors and manufacturers of energy, electronic and computer equipment.

Thanks to the combination of experience and technical innovations, our works will be your joy for years to come.

© 2010 Gutkowski Company  
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